Easy, In-Office Dispensing Program

A New Income Stream is Possible in a Week!

Your office can begin dispensing medicines to your patients in about 2 weeks with MedX Sales’ simple, easy to follow dispensing solution. And you can do so with little or NO out of pocket costs whatsoever. In order to get started dispensing medicines in your practice, MedX Sales only requires the following simple steps:

  • Complete a quick formulary request with our help and we can provide you a quote for the medicines you plan to dispense. Armed with this information, you can determine your return on your investment before you place your order.
  • A copy of any necessary state licenses and a copy of your DEA certificate if you plan to dispense controlled substances.
  • Your initial order form. In most cases, with our cash and carry retail program, you will dispense enough medicines to pay for your order, which can initially be paid for using your credit card.

Keep in mind that many dispensing solutions offered in the marketplace require computer software systems that can be both confusing to use and expensive. These present a barrier to getting started as it takes time to learn the computer systems once installed, and physicians like yourself have to decide if they want to risk the up front costs which can be as high as $3,000 to $5,000.

This is not the case with MedX Sales. We offer one of the most robust web based systems available, and there is NO charge for the system installation and your use of the software, and our online system will tie into your practice management system in many cases. The only minimal costs for the web based system are for the wand scanner and laser printer if your office does not already have one.  And currently, you can get these nearly or even entirely free with a minimum order.  Call us to find out more about this program.

There is no longer any reason not to use our web based dispensing management solution.  Manual dispensing methods are obsolete and unnecessary, and cost your office too much time. MedX Sales truely provides you with a little or no out-of-pocket expense method to try dispensing in your practice with no long term commitments.

What MedX Sales Does For You

MedX Sales facilitates the entire program in cooperation with your office staff insuring a smooth start to your new dispensing solution for your patients.

This includes …

  • Thorough personal training presentation that explains the web based dispensing system in about 30 to 45 minutes. After this short instructional presentation, you will be very comfortable with dispensing to your patients.  But don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have any questions.
  • Physical medication storage for the safety of your office staff and patients. Our supplier of medication cabinets offers a cost effective solution. No matter if you need single locking cabinets or double, we can help you order the proper equipment for your practice.
  • Other office setup needs, including office signage to let your patients know you are now dispensing.
  • Dispensing regulations, including logs and audit trails and reports, all available online, that not only make your task simpler, but also insure you comply with any and all dispensing regulations.

And much more.