Pre-Packaged Physician Dispensing Medicines

Never Count Pills

Pre-packaged Under Strict Government Guidelines

You have seen the pharmacist count medication as they fill a presription order at the pharmacy.

Do not worry, you NEVER have to count pills as a Point of Care Dispenser of pharmaceutical medicines.

With MedX Sales’ partnership with the DEA and FDA regulated pharmaceutical repackagers, consider the following:

  • The medicines you order come in the quantities and strengths you currently prescribe.
  • Your medicine order will arrive in pre-packaged bottles already labeled with the medicine name, strength, and quantity. The prescribing physician is also on the label.
  • Each medicine bottle will come pre-printed with the manufacturers recommended dosage. We provide you with a smart over labeling system should you want to change this for a specific patient.
  • No counting pills, ever, no mistakes, ever, with our simple yet effective dispensing process.

Never worry about the safety of your patients with re-packaged medicines.

Repackagers of drugs operate under a completely different standard than pharmacies. From counting drugs on separate trays in separate rooms and even buildings, the physician can be assured of dispensing a quality product.

Over 100 steps are documented to validate every production batch. Every bottle, cap, label and tablet/capsule is 100% traceable. Safety is assured.

Every year, patients get ill and some even die from mistakes and cross contamination. Many pharmacies actually use the same tray to count antibiotics and then count pain medication. If someone is allergic to antibiotics, they could develop a serious reaction and attribute that reaction to the pain medication. That problem would never happen with pre-packaged medication.

To prevent cross contamination, guidelines surrounding repackaged medications as set by the DEA and FDA are very restrictive.

You can be very confident that the medicines you provide your patients are safe, and your office staff will never be burdened with tedious tasks such as counting pills.