MedX Sales Video Series

Thank you for requesting to see the MedX Sales introductory video series. These videos are very powerful insight into the field of Point of Care dispensing. You will quickly see how dispensing can significantly improve your practice bottom line by watching these 2 videos.

In addition, we will explain the wonderful benefits your patients will experience if you decide to dispense medicines in your office. That was the original reason you decided to become a doctor, right? Well, Point of Care dispensing will show your patients a new level of care not often practiced by competitors in your area. Improved patient outcomes and a better financial bottom line, you can’t lose!

[mc id=”67″ type=”video”]Non-Managed Cash and Cary Dispensing[/mc]

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Do you see Workers Compensation patients?

This next video will interest you if you do. In fact, if you don’t currently, you might change your mind about Workers Compensation after you watch this!

Workers Compensation patients have specific needs at times that make Point of Care dispensing in your office an even greater benefit to them. Many times, Workers Compensation patients will have limited mobility, and will greatly appreciate being able to pick up their prescriptions directly from you, their Physician. And the benefits to your practice are potentially staggering. Please take a few moments to watch this exciting video presentation about Workers Compensation dispensing now!

[mc id=”85″ type=”video”]Managed Workmans Comp Dispensing[/mc]

Now that you have a good overall idea about point of care dispensing, or physician dispensing, get more details by requesting our white papers.


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