MedX Sales Workers Compensation Dispensing Program

Workers Compensation Patients benefit too. Patients overwhelmingly, if given the choice, would rather receive the needed medication from you verses going to the pharmacy. Workers compensation patients often go to the pharmacy only to be told they must wait to have their prescription filled or pay cash for the needed medication because the proof of insurance is unavailable. When you dispense medication to your patient with our dispensing program, you will be able to provide them with the medication right at the point of care without worrying about proof of insurance. We take care of all insurance needs.

We offer you a complete, turn key, easy, profitable system. Long-term relationships are built around trust and confidence. Once you make the decision to dispense medication to your workers compensation patients, MedX will do a complete evaluation of your work flow and make sure that our processes work for and not against you. Whether you have a small one location practice or multi-site clinics with many physicians, we have a solution that will not only be financially rewarding but provide you with the added satisfaction of helping your workers compensation patients get the excellent care you want to give them.

Timing is everything. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should’ve or could’ve … ” and later had regret? Don’t make that mistake today. Join the many physicians like you who have decided to offer point of care dispensing to their workers compensation patients. We’ve made the task easy and have taken all of the financial risk and additional workload away. Call us today for a no obligation financial analysis and consultation to see whether or not having MedX Sales expertise in your corner makes sense for your practice.

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