Manual vs. Computerized Dispensing

As a Point of Care Dispensing Physician, you will need a way to track the sale of drugs as well as an easy, simple and fast way to monitor inventory for re-ordering and improved profitability.

Our easy to use web based dispensing system will be provided at no cost and can be operated from any computer with a high speed connection. You can even get your wand scanner for free! Learning to use the web based system is very easy and only takes a few minutes to master.

Our Dispense N Go Physician Dispensing management software also serves as an inventory management system. Every time a prescription is pulled, the system tracks how many bottles are left in inventory and when to re-order. It keeps record of patient utilization and dispensing history. Prescription bottles have bar codes on them and with your bar code scanner, scanning the bottle is the best way to enter the transaction into the software system.

Also, a variety of reports are available from Dispense N Go, ensuring a successful and profitable dispensing system. As an example, a report is available showing which drugs are selling better than other drugs in the inventory so you can easily fine tune your formulary for maximum profitability. Controlled substance reports (if your state requires them) are easily generated from this system. Our customer service department is just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.

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