Dispensing: Patient Advantages

Physicians practice medicine because they really want to help people and make a difference. Adding in-office Point of Care Dispensing to your practice will set you apart from the crowd as a doctor that wants to help your patients in beneficial and unique ways.

  • Save The Patient Money: Many patients do not have drug or medication benefits and the cost to obtain drugs in a pharmacy can be very expensive. Many of the generic drugs that you will carry cost less than $5.00 at wholesale making the retail price to the patient very affordable.
  • Save The Patient Time: Pharmacies are notorious for purposely making you wait 20 to 25 minutes in their store so they can get you to impulse shop while you are sick all for the sake of profit. The convenience of getting your prescription filled at the doctor’s office and going home to bed is very appealing to every patient.
  • Improved Patient Therapy Compliance: It is a known fact that many patients leave the physician’s office and never fill their prescription. Pharmacies report this statistic could be as high as 30%. You can now be certain that the patient has the necessary medication and has taken their first dose right in your office.
  • Reduction In The Error Rate: The potential for fatal errors at pharmacies for the wrong drug, wrong dosage and wrong strength is approaching 5% in some cases. Cross-contamination is virtually 100%. Pharmacies often use the same trays to count different types of drugs. A pharmaceutical re-packager is under a more stringent set of rules and guidelines set by the DEA and FDA that prevent such occurrences.
  • Confidentiality: Many patients who have ailments such as HIV, STD’s and other sensitive diseases appreciate not having to go to their local pharmacist to get a prescription.

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