Compounding Pharmacy Claim Rejection Solutions

If you are a Compounding Pharmacy, you already know that insurance companies have made it difficult to get claims paid over the last 12 to 18 months. Here is what we know about what is happening to you:

  • Compounding Pharmacies are finding recently that as many as 50 to 70% of their claims are denied.  How many of your claims are denied?
  • What are you doing with the 50% to 70% of denied claims? We know your options and know you don’t like any of them.

So what do you do about this?

MedX Sales has 2 substitution solutions for Compounding Pharmacies that you will want to use!

One program we can provide is a single ingredient cream substitution:

  • Our first solution we can offer is a single ingredient creams like baclofen, lidocaine, amitriptyline,  cyclobenzaprine,  and ibuprofen.
  • These are single ingredient topical creams that are not processed like compounds but rather like a regular medicine, they are single NDC substitutions.
  • These are kits, the contents are pre-measured, pre-weighed and has a great AWP.
  • Most patients are prescribed 2 or even more medications, whatever is medically indicated.
  • They come in both 60 and 120 gram containers.
  • The 60 gram kits above have a co-pay card program if you are interested.
  • The 120 gram kits can be combined to fulfil a subscription for 240 grams of lidocaine for example.

A program currently providing a higher percentage of payment is a topical patch:

  • Lidocaine patch for a numbing effect.
  • Capsaicin patch for a heat effect.
  • Both supplied by a national manufacturer.
  • 15 patches to a box, 2 boxes prescribed for 1 per day scripts, 4 boxes for 2 per day scripts (if insurance will pay the 2 per day script).

Ask us about the AWP for these 2 programs, the reimbursement versus your cost provides a great ancillary program while serving your patient better than the alternatives you may be using today.

Do you want to try these NDC’s with your insurance carriers?  Just ask me in the form below, I will make a brief contact with you to verify your information then get you the NDC’s no later than the next business day, often the same day.

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