Physician Dispensing, Soup to Nuts

What was that, “soup to nuts” you ask?

Gary Silbiger, the President of MedX Sales, LLC, has always said that about his company’s dispensing program, that it takes care of everything, “soup to nuts”.  I have always wondered what the relationship was between soup and nuts, but thats not the point I am making here.

What Gary means to say is that the MedX Sales dispensing system handles every aspect of your in office dispensary, from beginning to end, and that it does, very well.  It is the best in the industry.

Well now, here at, RX Firm, one of the leading sales and support arms of MedX Sales, offers the medical practice considering physician dispensing the same “soup to nuts” to help you consider MedX Sales physician dispensing.

Visit and easily move through this step by step process:

  1. Watch our introductory videos about our cash and carry and workers comp physician dispensing programs.
  2. Receive our take-away white papers you can print and distribute within your practice or corporate office.
  3. View our online demonstrations of various aspects of dispensing, including topics you are sure to be concerned about.
  4. If you still need more information, request a seat in our weekly live presentation by asking any software related question you might have.
  5. Get started in the application process by learning what you need to get started and obtain our simple 2 page application.

Thats it, it really is that simple!

Learn more by clicking on the request top-right to see our white papers and video.