Phentermine 37.5 Dispensing

Announcing a brand new hybrid dispensing model that focuses on the way your practice prescribes weight loss products, the MedX Sales Weight Loss Dispensing Program.

MedX Sales has been a leader in the dispensing industry for years, providing pre-packaged medicines to medical practices via relationships with multiple DEA licensed pharmaceutical repackagers.  Today, MedX Sales is introducing a new hybrid dispensing model that will significantly reduce weight loss clinic costs, increasing profit by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The new program, by MedX Sales, focuses on the bulk of your dispensing formulary, Phentermine 37.5.  With our turn key program, which includes software and bulk counting equipment, your costs, including your cost of labor to bottle and label the medicine, is incredibly low.

How much are you paying now for Phentermine 37.5?  How much money would you save, and thus increase your profits, if you could reduce those costs substantially?

Contact us to learn more about this program which is ready for your practice right now.