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Point Of Care Medication Dispensing

Additional revenue without additional work or patients!

A simple and easy solution to an ever growing problem that every physician, clinic and hospita l faces today and will continue to face:

  • Rising Operating Expenses
  • Increased Cost Of Medical Malpractice Insurance
  • Reduction Of Insurance Reimbursements
  • Better Patient Outcomes

The Bottom Line? Less Income For You.

You could be losing $50,000 or more each year by not dispensing today!

History is repeating itself!

Years ago, the majority of all physicians dispensed medication to their patients. Over time this has since changed with fewer than 7% of all physicians dispensing medication to their patients today. Economics, technology and an ever increasing number of low cost brand name generic drugs is beginning to change all of that.

In today’s increasingly difficult economic climate for physicians, it’s not a question of if but when you’ll decide to dispense.

Have you ever heard of physicians dispensing medication?

Most physicians are unaware this opportunity even exists. With the average prescription card co-payment for generic drugs pushing $15 to $20 or more and increasing annually, the time to consider point of care dispensing is right now.

Are you treating workers compensation patients?

Then explore MedX Sales, Ltd’s. dispensing program that handles all of the workers compensation claim processing for you, guarantees payment to you in 30 days, manages inventory and much more! Some physicians have literally doubled their income with this program with virtually no additional work.

If you would like to make a difference in your patient’s outcomes and earn an extra $50,000 or more each year doing exactly what you do today, prescribing medication, please take some time to explore this site and decide for yourself if you can put off dispensing any longer.

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